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All Purpose Fast Glass

While I specalize in building fly rods I am often asked to build other types of rods. I have even been known to build myself, and fish, other types rods. A little over a year ago North Fork Composites came out with their All Purpose Fast Glass series. As a rod builder I was intrigued by it for two reasons. First, I though the teal colored blank was beautiful, and second, a new fiberglass blank isn’t something you hear about everyday. So I put an order in for the 7’1” ultralight blank.

I have now fished this rod for the last year, primarily targeting bass using finesse techniques, and can confidently say this rod is special. Anyone who has fished fiberglass knows part of the appeal of fiberglass is how it can make the smallest fish feel like a monster. However, this rod also provides the angler with a few advantages you cannot find with graphite rods.

First, the tip section on these APFG blanks is very sensitive. This is important when you are using finesse techniques. Often times bass will softly hit finesse baits before they commit. With most graphite rods you will rely on watching your fishing line to determine if you have bumped a rod, tree limb, or a fish. With the APFG you can use multiple senses, your eyes and your feel, which will help you determine if you need to set the hook or keep working the bait.

Second, because the tips on APFG blanks are sensitive I find they help with the initial hook set when fishing finesse baits. One of the most common things I find anglers struggle with when they are finesse fishing is the hook set. Most anglers are used to fast action rods and techniques where they need to put some “power” into their hook sets. Finesse fishing requires anglers to use a slightly softer hook set. This usually means sweeping the rod when setting the hook rather than “laying down the hammer.” The softer tip on these blanks forces the rod to naturally sweep when it sets the hook. This leads to a higher hook up percentage for anglers when they are finesse fishing.

Third, APFG forces anglers to use the rod when playing the fish. APFG blanks bend, but I have not come close to breaking one yet. They are incredibly strong. When anglers use their rod when they play fish they tend to break their line less often, even with lighter line! This is a huge advantage over graphite where anglers can get away with horsing fish, especially when using finesse techniques.

I love my APFG ultra light spinning rod. For summer fishing this rod simply cannot be beat. I actually have a hard time getting an opportunity to fish it when I am out with the family. The rod is also a favorite for all my kids and my wife. Most high end finesse rods will run you $400+. I am offering this rod for $250 (plus tax and shipping) for orders I receive by June 17th. These rods will standard with Fuji guides, fuji reel seat, and EFX Soft Touch Grips. Wraps will be translucent grey with black tips. Delivery for these rods will depend on when you order, but I guarantee you will not regret adding this rod to your collection.

To order email me ASAP (

Enjoy a few photos of the build process and catching results!Please note the reel seat on these rods will be slightly different than the one in the build pictures.


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